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Patches For Backpacks - Jacket Patches - LED ZEPPELIN PATCH


These LED ZEPPELIN patches are handmade with the best materials and thread built to withstand the harshest sun, wind, and weather. It'll look awesome whether you wear it on your shirt, jacket, hat or anywhere else you want to iron or sew it on!

• Size: 1.5" x 5"
• Handsewn
• High-quality thread and materials

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How to iron on embroidered patches using an iron:

Step 1: Set your hand iron at the hottest temperature setting. DO NOT USE STEAM DURING APPLICATION!

Step 2: Place your embroidered patch in the desired position and place a pressing cloth (such as a handkerchief, sheet or pillowcase fabric) over the top.

Step 3: Press the iron straight down for 35-45 seconds with as much constant pressure as possible. NO BACK AND FORTH.

Step 4: Turn the garment inside-out and repeat steps 2 & 3.

Step 5: Allow the embroidered patch to cool down.

Patch iron-on instructions:

1. Garment should be clean and freshly laundered (including new items)

2. Set the iron to "Cotton" at 400 degrees for 5 minutes

3. Thoroughly iron the spot on the garment where the patch will be placed

4. Place the patch on the garment with the embroidery side facing up

5. Place a cloth or light towel over the patch

6. Iron the patch using a slow circular motion for 30 seconds

7. Turn the garment inside out and then iron the back of the patch for 30 seconds

8. Let cool for one minute

* If the edge of the patch can be lifted go back to step 6 and repeat.

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