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Arizona Sounds Volume 5

Arizona Sounds Volume 5 [Vinyl]
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  • 1981 compilation by KDKB
  • Preowned (Media: NM / Sleeve: NM)

  • A1

    Marty Mitchell Band*

    Damned If You Do

    Bass – Dave Schwarz

    Drums – Gary Bruzzese

    Guitar – Sam Blanchard

    Percussion – Richard Aguilar

    Saxophone – Richard Aguilar

    Vocals – Dave SchwarzMarty MitchellRichard Aguilar

    Written-By – Marty Mitchell



    Tempest (27)

    Modern Love

    Bass – Michael Warren (8)

    Drums – Dan Brown (16)

    Keyboards – Charles Newton (2)

    Lead Guitar – Brad Cooper (2)

    Lead Vocals – Brad Cooper (2)

    Written-By – Brad Cooper (2)



    Doug Doehrman

    What Am I To Do

    Acoustic Guitar – Doug Doehrman

    Backing Vocals – Celia AttaieGenny Walker

    Bass – Jim Rizzi

    Drums – John Morgan (21)

    Electric Guitar – Deak Dietrich

    Keyboards [Fender Rhodes] – John Smetek

    Steel Guitar – Genny Walker

    Vocals – Doug Doehrman

    Written-By – Doug Doehrman



    Captain Tripps

    Dead 'N Gone

    Bass Guitar – Jim Stellhorn

    Drums – Kevin Kennedy (9)

    Engineer – Jim Waldon

    Guitar – Chris Anderson (32)

    Keyboards – Carolyn Hielzen

    Lead Guitar – Kevin Crum

    Vocals – Carolyn HielzenChris Anderson (32)Jim StellhornKevin Crum

    Written-By – Jim Stellhorn



    Two Week Notice Band

    Heaven's On Fire

    Backing Vocals – Kenny SkaggsRonnie Glover (2)Russell SkaggsTom Georges

    Bass – Russell Skaggs

    Drums – Charlie Mossman

    Lead Guitar – Tommy Oster

    Lead Vocals – Tom Georges

    Rhythm Guitar – Ronnie Glover (2)Tom Georges

    Steel Guitar – Kenny Skaggs

    Written-By – Tom Georges



    The Schoolboys*

    Dagger And A Kiss

    Bass – Tracy Wallach

    Drums – Pat Dixon (3)

    Guitar – Dan WexlerJohn Acquilino*

    Lead Vocals – Steve Clifford*

    Written-By – Dan WexlerTony Alosi



    Dirty Pearl

    Custom Caddie

    Bass – Omer Wehunt

    Drums – Tim O'Connor (8)

    Flute – Dave McGinty

    Guitar – Bob Story

    Lead Vocals – Janice Gunderson Boucher

    Saxophone – Dave McGinty

    Vocals – Dave McGinty

    Written-By – Bob StoryJanice Gunderson Boucher



    Bill Clifford

    Open Up

    Bass – Bob Carrigan

    Drums – Tony Olguin

    Guitar – Mike Guess

    Lyrics By – Bill CliffordJ. Holmes

    Music By – Bill Clifford



    M & M Band

    I Don't Mind

    Backing Vocals – Mike McClain

    Guitar – Brian Lachance (2)

    Piano – Mike McClain

    Written-By – Jim Moorhous



    Jim Allen And The Sweetbriar Band

    Love's What I Give

    Acoustic Guitar – Jim Allen (7)

    Arranged By – Scott Peacock (2)

    Bass – Patrick Pfeiffer

    Drums – Greg Ramos

    Effects [String Machine] – Sandy Ramos

    Harmony Vocals – Jim Allen (7)

    Keyboards – Scott Peacock (2)

    Lead Vocals – Jim Allen (7)

    Written-By – Jim Allen (7)




    Squeeze Play

    Bass – Lonnie Miller

    Drums – Kim Dimmer

    Flute – Marty Schlemeier

    Guitar – Dave Miller (26)Don Doiron

    Guitar [Guitars] – Craig Frost (2)

    Keyboards – Marty Schlemeier

    Vocals – Craig Frost (2)Dave Miller (26)Don DoironMarty Schlemeier

    Written-By – Dave Miller (26)



    Rampage (20)

    Give It Your All

    Acoustic Guitar – Ian Charles (2)Mark Laulme

    Bass – George GilmanIan Charles (2)

    Bass Guitar – George GilmanMark Laulme

    Clarinet – George Gilman

    Drums – David McCallMichael Rome

    Electric Guitar – Ian Charles (2)Mark Laulme

    Flute – George Gilman

    Guitar – George Gilman

    Harmonica – David McCall

    Keyboards – Mark Laulme

    Mandolin – Mark Laulme

    Organ – George Gilman

    Pedal Steel Guitar – Mark Laulme

    Piano – David McCallGeorge Gilman

    Saxophone – George Gilman

    Synthesizer – George Gilman



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    Insert/Inlay/Booklet/Sleeve/Digipak: More wear, marks, indentations than a VG+. May have slight fading, a small tear/rip, or some writing.

    Sleeve will contain more wear, marks, and/or indentations than a VG+. May have slight fading, a small tear/rip, or some writing. Shell may have heavier marks and wear than VG including plastic discoloration. Should play with some stronger hiss or degradation, but not enough to overpower music.

    Good (G), Good Plus (G+) 

    Generally worth 10-15% of the Near Mint value. A record in Good or Good Plus condition can be played through without skipping. But it will have significant surface noise, scratches, and visible groove wear. A cover or sleeve will have seam splits, especially at the bottom or on the spine. Tape, writing, ring wear, or other defects will be present. While the record will be playable without skipping, noticeable surface noise and "ticks" will almost certainly accompany the playback.  

    There are a lot of scuffs/scratches. However it will still play through without problems. This has not been handled with much care at all. 

    Insert/Inlay/Booklet/Sleeve/Digipak: Well worn, marked, more obvious indentations, fading, writing, than a VG - possibly a more significant tear/rip.

    Sleeve will be well worn, marked, and contain obvious indentations, fading, and/or writing, more so than a VG grade - possibly a more significant tear/rip. Tape will have heavy wear on shell. Felt stopper may be missing. Tape may have minor creasing, but not broken. Must play through, may have heavier degradation that will overpower music.

    Poor (P), Fair (F)

    Generally worth 0-5% of the Near Mint price. The record is cracked, badly warped, and won't play through without skipping or repeating. The picture sleeve is water damaged, split on all three seams and heavily marred by wear and writing. The LP cover barely keeps the LP inside it. Inner sleeves are fully split, crinkled, and written upon.  

    The CD (if it is included) may or may not play some or all of the tracks. See the seller's comments for details.

    Insert/Inlay/Booklet/Sleeve/Digipak: Very worn. It may have obvious writing on it, it may be ripped/torn, or significantly faded, or water damaged.

    Sleeve will be torn, heavily stained, showing general heavy damage, or will be partially missing. Likewise, tape will be heavily damaged, showing complete fading on the face, crinkled tape, missing screws or teeth, staining, and other heavy wear. Cassette will more than likely not play through.  

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