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What Can You Spend Bitcoin On? Can I Buy Vinyl Records Online With Bitcoin?

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Yes, Vinyl Lovers Unite is now offering payment using Bitcoin. Not only is the Internet a better way to shop for vinyl, but now you can purchase vinyl records online using 21st Century crypto-currency: Bitcoin.

Vinyl Lovers Unite is one of the latest companies to embrace Bitcoin, the new revolution in global currency. It's been in the news a lot, and with growing demand, we decided it was time that vinyl lovers had an opportunity to buy their favorite music the safest and easiest way possible.  

What is Bitcoin? Here's a quick introduction:

Bitcoin:  The Internet's Currency

Unlike traditional forms of money, Bitcoin is controlled by no government, and it's built upon open-source distributed systems that ensure it cannot be interfered with by outside parties.  

While most central banks keep their ledgers private, Bitcoin uses a public ledger, called the blockchain. Every Bitcoin transaction is stored in the cloud, and verified by other Bitcoin programs, making fraudulent doctoring of the books effectively impossible. Likewise, dirty tricks like fraudulent chargebacks on credit cards, are also prevented by this system.

Bitcoins are kept in online wallets, which are also backed by strong encryption, and can only be accessed by their owner. (They're so secure that if someone loses the password, they're lost forever.) It's also possible to keep them in online banks, which make transactions easier.

What Can You Spend Bitcoin On? Buying Vinyl Records Online With Bitcoin

Why embrace Bitcoin for buying vinyl records online? We've got plenty of reasons!

  • The value of Bitcoin continues to skyrocket
  • More people around the world are embracing Bitcoin every day
  • Bitcoin transaction fees are much lower than with most other online payment processors. (And every little bit helps when collecting vinyl!)
  • You get truly secure transactions - unlike, say, buying vinyl off eBay
  • Your payment information is truly secure and impossible to steal via hacking
  • Get paid in Bitcoins? Now you have something to spend them on
  • People always wonder, what can you spend bitcoin on? Well, now you can on everything at Vinyl Lovers Unite (including pins, patches, tees, merch and more!)

Embracing The Future

Now, we're not telling you to rush out in invest in Bitcoin today, if you haven't already. There's an element of risk in any investment, and we strongly urge those who are interested to explore the Coinbase site to set up an account and to learn more about Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies like Ethereum and Litecoin.

However, if you've already embraced Bitcoin, you now have a great new alternative to buy vinyl records online, right here at Vinyl Lovers Unite. We're taking vinyl into the future, and we hope you'll join us!


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  • Thumb’s up for you guys — just purchased with Bitcoin and have been asking that question over and over “WHAT CAN YOU SPEND BITCOIN ON?” ?

    Brett R. on

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