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5 Reasons To Start Your Vinyl Collection Now

Posted by Josh Dolin on

  1. Yes, downloading or streaming free music online is awesome. But getting into vinyl is going to expand your musical horizons. There are literally millions of songs that haven’t been converted into digital files and can only be found on records. Get ready to start discovering new bands, new genres of music like rare reggae on vinyl, and music from bygone eras you never dreamed of.

  2. Vinyl is tangible. If you bought a new album, you get to open the shrink wrap, pull the sleeve out of the jacket, carefully take the vinyl out of the sleeve, and marvel at its beauty. You get cool pictures and artwork, and many times intriguing stuff to read about the band or music you’re listening to. And best of all, these records display much better than the digital file on your computer or small plastic CD case on your shelf!

  3. Digital enthusiasts can argue all they want. They’re wrong. Vinyl just sounds better. Period. (Feel free to comment on our Facebook page if you don’t agree!)

  4. There are tons of inexpensive turntable options out there these days. Note: audiophiles you can skip to number 5 ;). You can go vintage, or better yet there are inexpensive turntables for under $100 online or in stores. We’ll stay away from offending our diehard vinyl lovers out there and not mention brands that will certainly stir up a storm.

  5. It’s now easier than ever to find rare albums on vinyl that you haven’t been able to find or download online. Record fairs, garage sales, thrift store and local swaps are all great places to find used vinyl. Even though brick and mortar record stores have been dying out for decades, the best ones are still in business and thriving. And now, vinyl fans from all over the world get to go crate digging online with another bonus... getting a package in the mail and opening the box to find your new vinyl is just pure awesomeness. Check out our selection at! ;)

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