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7 Sins of Vinyl Record Care

Posted by Josh Dolin on

Vinyl lovers undoubtedly cherish all the vinyl in their record collection. However, some people unknowingly damage their vinyl because of ignorance. Today, we’re taking a look at the 7 sins of vinyl record care and how you can avoid them.

  1. Stacking Records

Even if your records are wearing their jackets, never, ever stack them on top of one another. It can cause warping, cracking and permanent damage to your vinyl.

  1. Cleaning them with a t-shirt

Regardless of how soft you think a shirt or towel may be, vinyl records are sensitive. Using the wrong cloth simply moves dirt across the surface and can cause scratches. Use a carbon fiber record brush for the best results.

  1. Touching them

Always hold your vinyl record by the outer edges to avoid transferring your body oil to the surface. Doing so attracts more dirt and damages your record.

  1. Removing Records Mid-Motion

If your record is still spinning on the platter, let it complete its revolution before removing it. Removing it before it stops causes scratches.

  1. Leaving Records out of their Sleeves

We’re all guilty of it, but as soon as you notice your record sitting around without its sleeve, pick it up and put it back in. This protects it from dirt and dust and any harmful sunrays that may slip into the room.

  1. Dropping Records into Their Jackets

While it might seem like what you’re supposed to, never drop your record into its sleeve. Instead, bow the entrance slightly and slide the record into the sleeve easily. This helps prevent scratches.

  1. Using Your Hands to Cue the Record

There is a lever on every record player designed to move from the silent part of the record into where the music can fade in. Use this tool to cue up your record instead of using your constantly shaky hand to guide it into the grooves.

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