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Why Do Millennials Love Vinyl Records?

Posted by Josh Dolin on

For the last several years, vinyl record sales have soared. Interestingly, it’s not a walk down memory lane for the older generation that’s generating sales, it’s millennials. While those in their 40s-60s are familiar with the format and are excited to see it returning, they aren’t the ones frequenting record stores to get Adele’s latest album on vinyl. Millennials are walking into record shops across the country in an effort to build their music inventory the old fashioned way. But’s what is behind this surge in vinyl sales? Why is the younger generation returning to the classics?

Tangibility Vs. Digital Terabytes

For the past decade or so, digital music downloads have dominated the industry. Buying music on iTunes, signing up for a Pandora account, and even using Spotify has been the preferred way to listen to music. However, over the last several years, the newest generation of consumers have decided to give a tangible format a try. Unlike digital music, vinyl is concrete and comes with an entire experience in its own right. That’s something you simply cannot get from a digital file.

Vintage Trend

We can't talk about millennials without talking about trends. Put simply, purchasing vinyl has become somewhat of a trend—one that record shop owners are excited about. The process of purchasing a vinyl record, buying a record player, and sliding a vinyl record out of its sleeve is somewhat of a powerful experience; particularly if you are a serious music fan. However, the reemergence to return to the old format started somewhere, and as it did new musicians began putting their music back on vinyl. From there, more and more young people were drawn to the format like magnets.

Although some will argue it is a trend, you cannot deny the clarity of the music vinyl offers along with the tangible experience it provides. Perhaps these are the only two reasons that really matter.

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