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Over the past few years, vinyl records have experienced a serious boost. Young and old are rediscovering the excitement and charm of vinyl records, and with good reason. They provide numerous benefits that audio CDs and even Mp3s can’t. But what is it that makes them so popular in comparison to other forms of music technology?

The Sound

The sound quality of vinyl records is almost universally agreed to be better than any other music format. Vinyl records are known as analogue sound, while CDs and MP3s are digital recordings. Instead of recording the whole soundwave, digital recordings only capture a snippet of that sound which distorts the quality.

Vinyl records, on the other hand, have small grooves in them which is intended to capture the whole of the audio wave. The result is better sounding music, according to die hard music lovers.


Vinyl records are perhaps less about the music and more about the complete package. Vinyl’s often come with unique and high quality art work designed and commissioned by the artists themselves. The album sleeves and glossy finish make it easy to implement art work onto vinyl packages. This creates an experience that music lovers treasure.

It’s Personal

Vinyl records have long been a source of personal satisfaction. For some people, the process of putting a record on a record player and listening as the tune slowly begins to play is enough to invoke goosebumps, especially if they’re listening to their favorite band. The intimate experience created by the process is highly prized amongst young and old alike.

Discover what makes vinyl records so amazing for yourself by purchasing a few. You might never know what you were missing if you don't partake in the experience.

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