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Did you know that vinyl sounds amazing but can be degraded over time if not cleaned or properly taken care of?

To achieve the best sound quality of your vinyl records, cleaning is essential. Cleaning and maintaining your collection is easy and simple. You don’t need to spend a lot of money or effort. But, make sure that you clean them properly or else you may ruin the sound and lose your collection!

Here are 4 easy steps for cleaning vinyl records:

1. Make sure your fingers or hands are not dirty. Your fingers contain oil and acids that will wear away the vinyl chemically. You should remove the dust and loose particles from the surface before any deep cleaning. For removing dust, you can use a carbon fibre brush and pass it lightly over the surface. The carbon bristle helps to disperse the static charge that causes the dust particles to stick to the vinyl records.

2. Use a piece of cloth to gently wipe the dirt of your vinyl records. Just make sure that the cloth is clean, soft and absorbent. Do not get the label wet to avoid damaging the record, and never allow any cleaning solution on the label. Also, don't put too much stress on the record while cleaning. A good choice for cloth can be found in auto supply stores... the same stuff used by detailing services.

3. Keep the turntable's stylus away from dirt and dust. The needle and cartridges significantly affects the quality and condition of the sound produced by your vinyl records. The stylus, which is part of the cartridge that drags across the surface of the vinyl records, is responsible for creating sound and should always be kept clean. If it is dirty, just gently blow the dust or particles off and remember not to use spit :) Replace your stylus every so often. How often? That depends on how much you play your vinyl. When you notice sound degradation even after cleaning the stylus it's time to replace it.

4. Try to gently wipe the record on both sides after each play. Cleaning should be done in a circular motion or in the direction of the grooves. If you use any water make sure it's distilled -- tap water will leave mineral deposits and ruin the record. Again, used a soft-lint free cloth to avoid scratches and damages.

If you want the easiest and most effective vinyl cleaning system for under $100 then check out the Spin-Clean.

Your job doesn’t end after you clean your vinyl. You should also be aware that proper storage is super important in the long term success of your vinyl. Make sure that you store your collection in a cool and dry place. Store vinyl records vertically inside your cabinet to avoid warping.

As a vinyl lover, you should always take preventive measures to defend your vinyl record collection against damage and slow degeneration.

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