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With the accessibility of songs and albums through online outlets such as iTunes, convenience has become key when it comes to music. With services like Spotify, the urge for music on demand seems to be at an all time high as well. However, this demand is crippling both the quality of the music and how people tend to think about it. Music lovers need to realize that the sound of old school vinyl is leagues ahead of the music blasting over their computer speakers. Vinyl is in the process of making a triumphant return to today’s music culture. Here are five reasons why you should start your collection.


When analog music is converted to digital formats, the recording loses just a little bit of its original greatness. Some parts of the song lose their quality when they are converted to a MP3 file. When you play the music on vinyl, even the smallest details of the song are perfectly preserved.


Just purchasing one song on iTunes can cost you $1.50, and an entire album around $15. However, if you head to the nearest thrift shop or corner music store, you will find the price tag on used vinyl records tends to be much lower. If you do your shopping right, you could spend less than $10 and find some amazing stuff.


It has always been said that music brings people together, and that's even more true when you listen to a collection of vinyl albums with friends. A good collection of vinyl makes people want to dance, talk, and flip through your records to find their favorite artists and bands. An iTunes library just doesn’t raise the spirits of a group of people like a vinyl library does.


A wall filled with vinyl records next to a record player can really tie a room together. There are few simple decorations that look hipper than a solid vinyl collection. The unique artwork on each record’s cover simply can't be compared to the small pictures on an iPod screen.


There's just a better feeling of personal pride when you’re able to hold an item in your hands. A physical record gives you this sense of satisfaction while a download on the computer just doesn’t cut it. You bought it, you own it, and you can play it. And as a bonus, you can actually let a friend borrow your music rather than just having them plug their headphones into your iPod.

Ready to start feeding your vinyl habit? Shop for vinyl records to add to your collection!

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