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5 Art Ideas For Useless Vinyl Records 🎨

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vinyl record bowl

When you buy vinyl records online that are used or pre-owned, there's a chance you'll end up with an album in a condition far different from what was described. So what can you do with a useless piece of vinyl that's no longer worth playing?

Quite a lot, actually! Vinyl is easy enough to work with, whether you're cutting it or melting it, there are a lot of creative craft projects to partake in with some otherwise-useless LP's and EP's. There's no reason to throw old vinyl away when you can repurpose and recycle it instead!

Five Creative Projects To Reuse Unplayable Vinyl Records

1 - Bookends

Want to show off more than one retro love at once? Turning a pair of records into bookends is simple. Just use a blowtorch or similar heat source to partially melt the vinyl in a straight line just beneath the label, then fold it at a 90-degree angle and let it harden again.

Do this to a couple records, and you've got yourself bookends.  

2 - Coasters

Here's another great easy project if you've got several useless LPs to dispose of. Just cut away all the vinyl surrounding the center labels, then turn the labels into a set of unique coasters.

3 - Vinyl Kintsugi

Kintsugi is a Japanese art form that involves creating pottery, then deliberately smashing that pottery, and putting the pieces back together using golden glue. It represents the beauty that comes through aging, trials, and overcoming adversity, suggesting that a "pure" pristine item is not truly interesting until it's been broken and reformed. Also, the pattern of cracks will always be completely original.  

Do the same with your vinyl! Smash a record, then glue it back together, and turn it into a conversation piece. Feel free to get creative about reassembly - elements such as staples can also be part of kintsugi. Done properly, you'll have a truly unique piece of artwork.

4 - Bowls

This one is a little trickier, so you may need to try a few times before you get it down. A vinyl record can be turned into a decorative bowl by using heat to partially melt the vinyl until you can bend it inwards. Done correctly, you'll end up with a wavy pattern all around the exterior of the bowl. Depending on what you plan on storing in the bowl, you may need to use something like rubber cement to plug the spindle hole.

We don't recommend using these bowls for food - the track grooves would be extremely difficult to clean and sterilize to the point they'd be safe for food. About the only exception would be using it as a candy bowl, or for other pre-wrapped foods that won't touch the vinyl directly. Otherwise, use them to hold decorative objects, flowers, or anything else you can think of!

5 - Picture Frames

Here's another one that just needs some cutting. First, cut away the edges of the vinyl so that you're left with a square or rectangular shape. Then, use a weak glue or putty to attach a picture to the center of the record.  If you don't mind cutting up the photo, it'll look especially interesting if you cut the picture into a circle.

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Like the name says, Vinyl Lovers Unite is for vinyl lovers, by vinyl lovers. We want to make it as easy as possible to buy vinyl records online while making sure that you get great albums that are brand new and won't need to be turned into art projects. 😊  

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  • very useful and great ideas. I have some at my home that are not used and old . i like to try that idea with it.

    Jay Gandhi on
  • First, I love your blog. I’ve been in love with vinyl for about 42 years now, since I was old enough to care about music and play my mom’s vinyl records. I have several coasters, popcorn/snack bowls and magnets made from old vinyl records and I absolutely love them! I really enjoyed this blog article.

    Julie B. on
  • Wow, these are great ideas! Can’t wait to try them out.

    Aaron on

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